Surge Protectors

0-3G Surge Protector

Item No.: AIE-LA-03
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 Electrical Specifications:   
 Frequency Range   DC-2500MHz 
 VSWR    ≤1.1 
 Insert loss   ≤0.2
 Impedance     50Ω 
 Discharge Voltage  DC230V±15%
 Puls Voltage  (1x40)us  1000V
 Puls Current  (1x40)us  6 KA
 Resistance at 100V    >10,000MΩ
 Maximum Input Power  200W
 Input Connector    N
 Mechanical Specifications:   
 Antenna Dimension   74×42×20mm
 Weight     130g 

Lighting strike by lighting means a test to the radio equipment. Perhaps in a few microseconds instant, the voltage of surge can be as the dozens kilovolt/meter. The whole system will load enormous, and bring the damage to the equipment as a consequence. Our company produces arresters will meet the requirement of switching voltage. It is an essential selection and a safe-guard accessory when build the base station. Correct exertion is a guarantee to the high-efficient system.
GAS TUBE DISCHARGE TYPES,Utilizing special gas to be in charge of discharging, the principle suppress the too high voltage.When the wave wells up to the regulation that the voltage is greater than the gas and in charge of , gas in charge of discharge earth connection too high voltage, protect the apparatus systematically.Under the normal situation, it will not influence the systematic work.